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Committee Roles and


Responsible for strategic planning and the overall running of the society. Directs and chairs Committee meetings. Leads on sponsor pitches/negotiations and firm communications. Liaises with all committee regularly to ensure the smooth operation of events, the Analyst Program, Union and inter-society relations. 


Vice President: 

Assists the President(s), deputises at events where the President(s) cannot attend. Produces content for presentations and seminars, maintains an active line of communication with sponsors. Ensures continuity and long-term sustainability of the society. Oversees the handover procedure each year. Responsible for being the point of contact students seeking career advice. 


General Counsel: 

Handle society developmental, management and administrative tasks including communicating with sponsors to coordinate event logistics and promoting their events, and engaging with society members through weekly email newsletters, and social media management, attracting wider audiences. Also should act as an adviser to the President(s) and support committee assignments.


Investment Head (x5): 

Each Investment Head covers a division or asset class (Equities, Credit, FX, IBD and Asset Management) and a small group of analysts (non-committee members) to mentor. The Investment Head meets up once a week with their team to work together to produce a report. The Investment Heads also support their mentees with regard to interviews and applications.



Responsible for finances of the society, produces all invoices and manages the year’s budget. This includes the production of budget projections, allocation of resources and completion of the end of year accounts for auditing. Works closely with the President and VP to ensure resources are used most effectively for the benefit of sponsors and members.


Sponsorship, Alumni & Outreach (x2): 

Assist the President(s) with negotiating with our sponsors, as well as establishing new targets for sponsorship. Maintain relationships with society partnerships. Assist General Counsel with meeting visiting sponsors at BIS promoted events.


Head of Marketing: 

Responsible for social media content; maintains and updates the social media throughout the year. Manages email address allocation, committee online communications and collaboration. Any marketing related issues will be resolved by the Head of Marketing.


Head of Alumni & Outreach: 

Responsible for organising events utilising Bristol’s banking alumni, maintaining contact with Bristol’s banking alumni and expanding the list of alumni who come down to Bristol. Also responsible for liaising with the Alumni Office.  


Director of Events:

Responsible for the coordination of in-house and external events for the society and with sponsors or potential sponsors. Manages room bookings and all other logistics that pertain to events.


Editor of BIS Financial Review: 

Responsible for creating consistent and high quality market updates for the BIS Financial Review, which will be published both on BIS' social media and through weekly newsletters. The content will be created by both the editor and by selected members of BIS.