About us

The Bristol Banking and Investment Society proudly welcomes you to our home pageThe society was formed by the merger of the old Bristol Banking and Finance society and the Investment Society. We represent the central hub at the University of Bristol for any student who is interested in either investing their own money or pursuing a career in the city.


To assist us in this endeavour, we have the patronage of a myriad of large financial firms and career-oriented organisations; please see our sponsorship page for more details. We aim to help our members learn more about investing and breaking into the industry via the following 5 principles:


  • Expanding and solidifying your awareness and expertise of the industry

  • Teaching you how to invest successfully, from people who have already succeeded

  • Helping you with your applications for any career experiences/ventures

  • Providing one to one mentoring and tuition in preparation for interviews/assessment centres

  • Networking with city partners so that our members can meet people already working for the best and biggest firms around

Our membership is also completely free for all students! So, please join us either on Facebook, via the S.U. website or at our next event, which are usually held every week during Term time. Thank you for visiting our website, and we look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming events soon.